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What happened in the year 1843 that would eventually impact your working life? The fashion re-emergence of the hoop dress you say? How about the publishing of “A Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens? Though you may be of the strong opinion that

the only way your boss could become less of a “Scrooge” would be through ghostly intervention, you are, unfortunately, missing the mark. 1843 was the year a Scottish inventor, Alexander Bain, developed the original concept still used in fax machines

today. Though Bain’s invention – the chemical telegraph – wasn’t actually patented until December of 1846, he is still considered the “father of the facsimile.” Other inventors such as Italian physicist Giovanni Caselli and American inventor Elisha Gray also made

later contributions to the development of modern fax machines, however Bain is still considered the main man. Flash forward to 1994. While the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) was going into effect and Tonya Harding’s accomplices were

focusing on Nancy Kerrigan’s right leg, a young, international recording artist grew tired of missing important messages and faxes during his many travels. Drawing on his high-tech background, he set about inventing an integrated messaging network that would

deliver faxes and voicemail via an already-existing, universally-accessible channel: the Internet. The artist was Jaye Muller, and the vision he developed swiftly grew into JFAX.COM, a multi-million dollar corporation that offered nothing less than a dramatic

lifestyle upgrade in the way people communicated and did business in the 90s and beyond. JFAX.COM was the world’s first and only integrated messaging capability, coupled with the ability to assign users local phone numbers in any of over 50 locations

worldwide. It linked email to every fax and every phone in the world, fulfilling the dreams of the universal inbox and the virtual office. Seeing the incredible value of JFAX.COM, j2 Global Communications, Inc. purchased it in 1995 and, as a result, eFax was born.

Today, eFax is the #1 paperless faxing choice of individuals and businesses worldwide. eFax offers local and toll-free fax numbers that are tied to your email, as well as tiered faxing solutions – from free to Pro service – that meet any faxing need. If you’d like to

know more about how eFax works, sign up for eFax today and see how easy faxing can be..

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