What is a Safelist?


Have you ever been accused of sending spam?  Or at the least, read about people being accused of sending spam?  In my opinion, especially in the infancy of a persons internet marketing career, mostly it is sent unintentionally, not knowing all the rules.

Well, to get around that, there is a thing called Safelists. It's a list of people that have given you permission to send them your sales ads.  You might ask, why in the world would somebody do that?  It's because they will receive advertising credits to market their products.

The best Safelist to use is a Credit Based Safelist.  This a list that gives a certain amount of credits for looking at an ad.  These credits can be used to acquire ad exposure to the members of the Safelist. In other words, you are advertising to Safelist members.

What's nice about this is there are thousands of Safelist members.  So, all you have to do is make sure that what you are selling is of interest to them.

To get started, I recommend Traffic Hoopla.  They list the most popular Safelists. All you have to do is, once you join, click on the "2nd Join Link" and you will see the Safelists listed.  Join all the Safelists they have listed.  They are all Free To Join.

That will get you on your way to email marketing properly on the internet.

Much Success,

Rodney Jones

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